Trade Etching Direct is an etching company using the latest technology to etch a variety of metal signs for a growing customer base in the UK sign industry. The motto “it’s like having your own etching department” best describes the company’s desire to form long term relationships with clients who can expect a fast and competitively priced service.

Trade Etching clients can confidently offer a fast high quality service to their own customers and prospective new clients are welcome to get in touch to see how adding etched products to their existing product line can grow their business without any capital outlay


When it comes to signage we understand that quality is the most important thing. We often get asked to send orders direct to their customers because they know the signs will be of the highest quality.To insure this we have very strict procedures in place we will also send photos to our customers as they won’t get to see their order.

Chemical milling

We have a lot of experience when it comes to chemical milling working with thicknesses as low as .008 of an inch. There are many advantages with this process it leaves the parts burr and stress free we can also etch fold lines into the material so the parts can be formed my had so there is no need for expensive hard forming tooling.


When it come to equipment we always make sure we have the best this is why we have recently installed one of the most powerful etching machines available on the market all our equipment is also double sided unlike old and out of date equipment. This gives many advantages when etching signs it means we get a better etch and can go deeper into the metal giving the signs a much better look. This is also a necessity when producing etched procession parts.