November 2012

At Trade Etching Direct we always look at developing new products.

Below you will see a new infill that we can offer.

September 2012

With a growing customer base not just in the UK but also globally we find ourselves this month producing Work destine for Egypt and also a possible order for 3000 of our etched event bracelets to Qatar as seen below.


Also this month we will be out training people how to do chemical etching at one of the world’s leading greeting card manufacturers we have also recently done a lot of research and development for this company and have developed a new process with them that they will be using at their UK factory and may also be looking at taking that process to their American manufacturing plants.

August 2012

Trade Etching Direct was asked to produce a sample fire exit sign for a new hotel in London. The sign company that asked us to do this had already been told by some etching companies that the design couldn’t be done and others just charging too high prices.  But after the company received our sample we got the go-ahead for the order and produced 86 A4 Brushed stainless steel signs like the one you can see below.